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Barovia (Curse of Strahd)

A lone traveller searching for a way to rid himself of his vampirism so he can live with his lover again.

Descended from a line of shapechangers, Zima and his partner Marigold were adventurers who traveled to lands far from their home among the fey to gather secrets and knowladge of the outside world. On one such trip, they agreed to help a town rid itself of a strange creature that afflicted them with empty dreams. Unprepared to confront a vampire in investigating, Zima kept the vampire's attention on him to protect Marigold as he typcally did against most threats, and was clawed and bitten nearly to death.

The mauling caused him to change, shifting from an elf in tune with nature to a supernatural beast. The pair sought out how to cure the affliction and change him back, but due to Zima's refusal to satiate his new hunger and give in to the beastial urges, he began to subconsciously feed on the dreams of others, primarily Marigold. Regretting any hurt he caused his love, they temporarily seperated to search seperately for the cure.

Zima was called by a noble he had previously helped to assist her - to see why the Vishtani were camping outside of the town. He and three others visited the camp together, and discovered they wanted the four to travel to Barovia with them. The group agreed, and they made their way to Barovia.

In Barovia, the group were given a card reading before being send to the town, where they were asked to assist the burgomaster in moving a body for services. While delivering it to the temple, the group discovered that the priest had a person who was turned to a vampire locked in the basement, as vampirism is not curable.

Shaken by this, Zima quietly helped the group with their next task - bringing Ireena to Valaki where she will be safe from the gaze of Strahd. While at the inn, Zima was approached by a bard who was interested in his elven apperance. After retiring to bed, he accidentally consumed a dream, as it had been some time since he had properly fed - the dream of Ireena.

The group left the town intending on assisting the innkeeper with discovering why the winery had stopped producing wine. When they arrived, they confidently attempted to clear the druids and their blights from the winery, and all perished in the attempt and learned not even death is an escape from Barovia.

Zima was revived last, four days after his death, to discover his group staying with Esmerelda and - to his delight and surprise - Marigold, who had been travelling with her and had tracked the vampire that had turned him to Valaki. The Abbot, in exchange for their lives, asked the group to get a wedding dress for a woman he had created as a gift to Strahd, who he incorrectly identified as Zima's 'master'. Most were apprehensive of this but one of the group, Abhorsen, agreed, as it was an excuse to leave.

As the group left to return to Valaki, they encountered Strahd, who was curious of their apperance. Zima was defensive of Margold, who Strahd seemed to take interest in, and in a fight initiated by Esmerelda, they fought Strahd until he chose to leave after putting a charm on one of the others in the group that he had taken interest in, Isadora.

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