12/26/22 - One new doll made for the layout. Also - finished doing my layout!! I'm satisfied with this one so I'll stop overhauling it lol.

12/22/22 - One new doll (they've actually been there for a bit but I forgot to update the front page, lol) I also fixed the formatting and put up my own banner on my links page if you're interested in linking back to me!

12/15/22 - One new doll. Thinking of splitting up the page since I keep dolling the same character over and over lol.

12/11/22 - Redid my layout again! I've got a few more pages I'm putting together too. Some of the pages aren't updating and I'm not sure why? I'm trying to figure it all out though. I've got a few more updates I'm going to do while I'm working on the site though :)

12/4/22 - One new doll and one new base! I've been busy but I'm planning on doing some more work on things on here soon.

11/28/22 - One new doll (actually uploaded the other day but I forgot to mention it) and new illustration of Zima, Marigold, and Nym. I just put this layout in place but I'm already considering changing it all up again! I'll be starting on it soon.

11/21/22 - New layout! Working on fixing it all up to include my own stuff and filling it out right now.